Best Golf Courses in Rhode Island

This is our list of the best golf courses in Rhode Island in 2021.

The state has very picturesque beaches. Sailing, surfing, and fishing are popular here. But golf lovers will also want to visit.

We've found amazing golf courses in Rhode Island and are sharing them with you.

The best part?

Because the state is in the northeast, we've listed the months the golf courses are open.

Let's take a look.

Crystal Lake Golf Club

1. Crystal Lake Golf Club

  • Location: Burrillville, RI
  • Holes: 18
  • Par: 71
  • Length: 6349 yards
  • Season: April - December
Pawtucket Country Club

2. Pawtucket Country Club

  • Location: Pawtucket, RI
  • Holes: 18
  • Par: 69
  • Length: 6500 yards
  • Season: Year round
Foster Country Club

3. Foster Country Club

  • Location: Foster, RI
  • Holes: 18
  • Par: 72
  • Length: 6187 yards
  • Season: Open - 3/01 Closed - 11/15
Louisquisset Golf Club

4. Louisquisset Golf Club

  • Location: North Providence, RI
  • Holes: 9
  • Par: 34
  • Length: 2,743 yards
Green Valley Country Club

5. Green Valley Country Club

  • Location: Portsmouth, RI
  • Holes: 18
  • Par: 71
  • Length: 6830 yards
  • Season: Open - 4/01 Closed - 11/01

The Best Golf Courses in Rhode Island

How does help you find a golf course in Rhode Island?

When looking for the right golf course, there are many factors to consider.

Some Rhode Island golf courses have a rich history and have been hosting players for over 100 years.

Some will amaze you with their unique designs. Their stunning scenery will make golfing even more enjoyable. They're designed to fit naturally into the landscape. During the game, you can enjoy views of mountains, rivers, lakes, and forests.

Most courses are suitable for both beginners and pros alike, but there are courses with a high level of difficulty. At these courses, you'll need certain skills and a style of play with a low, slow, accurate swing.

When looking for a golf course, consider the season—not every course can be played all year round.

The standard number of holes on a course is 18, but if you come across courses with only 9 holes, don't disregard it immediately. On these courses, you can either play a short round or play all the holes twice for a full round.

When choosing a Rhode Island golf course, pay attention to the services offered by the club. At some clubs, you can rent a cart to get around the course, get help from caddies, or take lessons from professionals. You may want to visit a specialty shop or restaurant at the course. While you enjoy your game of golf, your family might even be able to relax at the spa or pool.

Also, before choosing a golf course, you should familiarize yourself with their policies.

Some allow the use of cell phones, and others require that you keep them on silent and use them only in designated areas. And many clubs prohibit smoking.

Rhode Island courses have their own dress codes. You can't wear jeans or open-toed shoes to every Rhode Island golf course. will help you find the best golf course in Rhode Island. And two of the best Rhode Island golf clubs is the newport national golf club and Rhode Island country club.

If you're on vacation, you can get to know the state before spending the day on the Rhode Island golf course. You may be interested in exploring tourist attractions such as RISD Museum, Old State House, Museum of Work & Culture, Lippitt House Museum, shelter harbor, The John Brown House Museum.

If you like to spend your leisure time in quiet recreational areas, the state has scenic parks Colt State Park, Lincoln Woods State Park, Goddard Memorial State Park, Burlingame State Park, Fishermen's Memorial State Park and Campground and lakes Worden Pond, Watchaug Pond, Wallum Lake, Scituate Reservoir, Olney Pond, too.

If you don't like parks or tourist events, but are more interested in shopping, some shopping centers and malls like Tanger Outlets Foxwoods, Ocean State Plaza Shopping Center, orchard course, Cowesett Corners Shopping Center, Lincoln Shopping Center, shelter harbor, Branch Avenue Plaza Shopping Center are open every day.

If you're on a business trip to one of the state's major companies, such as Pyramid Case Co, Kenney Manufacturing Co, Thielsch Engineering, Inc., donald ross, ACS Industries Inc, Toray Plastics (America), Inc., it's ideal to find a nearby golf course so you can relax after work.