February 25, 2021


Types of golf clubs

Many beginner golfers are confused when they are first introduced to the different types of golf clubs.

But golf clubs are actually easy to understand, because each type is designed for a specific situation on the course.

In this article, you will learn what types of golf clubs exist, how they differ, and when they're used by players.

We've arranged the clubs in order of the ball's range after the golfer takes the shot, from farthest to shortest.

Keep reading to find out all you need to know about clubs!

Types of Golf Clubs

The main criterion for determining the type of club is the range of the ball after impact. There are four main types: wood, iron, hybrid, and putter.


This type of golf club is designed for long range shots of up to and over 270 yards.

Previously, woods were made of wood, hence their name. Now woods are made from titanium alloy.

The smaller the loft of the club, the greater the distance the ball can be propelled. For woods, angles vary from 7 to 15 degrees.

Drivers and fairway woods are two types of woods.


The 1-wood is called the driver. Golfers use a driver at the start of each hole, when teeing off. With this golf club, you can send the ball over 270 yards.

Fairway Wood

2-woods and 3-woods look like similar to a driver, but have smaller heads and larger impact angles. This design increases the altitude of the golf ball, but decreases the range.

Fairway woods are used in situations where the green is still a long way off, usually for the second shot.


Irons are more accurate than woods. They are used after the first shot, since the golfer's task is to send the ball different distances depending on the distance to the hole.

They are made of iron and are divided numbered irons (3 through 9) and wedges. Each iron differs in the angle of the impact surface and the length of the shaft.

Irons' lofts range from 15 to 45 degrees. These golf clubs can send the ball between 75 and 170 yards.

There is no single standard for irons manufacturers that defines the exact angle of the impact face for each number, but it will be the smallest in the 3-iron . After being hit with this club, the golf ball flies far and rolls across the course after landing.

As the angle of the striking surface increases, the distance that the ball can fly decreases. The 9-iron has the largest angle, so the ball rises along a steep path, flies a short distance, and only rolls a short distance across the field upon landing.

The closer they are to the hole, the higher the iron number golfers use.


Wedges are a special subspecies of irons. Wedges' lofts vary from 45 to 64 degrees.

There are 4 types of wedges:

  • The pitching wedge is used for short swinging strikes and for overcoming obstacles.
  • Sand wedges are designed to hit balls out of sand bunkers.
  • Gap wedges are an intermediate type between sand wedges and pitching wedges. They have a 52-degree head angle and are used for approach shots 60-100 yards from the green or for a rough or bunker.
  • The lob wedge is used to deliver accurate swing shots, as well as to knock balls out of grass and sand.


Golf clubs that occupy an intermediate position between woods and irons are called hybrids. They look like woods but have a weight like irons.

Hybrid clubs allow you to hit long- and medium-distance shots from high or low grass.

Hybrids are often used instead of 3- through 5-irons.


The putter is the shortest golf club and is similar in shape to a hammer. Putters have the lightest heads and are only used on the green. They're used for finishing strokes to send the ball into the hole.


Now you know what types of golf clubs exist, how they differ, and what situations they're used in.

Remember, these are not hard-and-fast rules. You can decide for yourself which club is comfortable at each moment and for each shot.

We hope that our article was useful to you and that you can now set up your bag of golf clubs with ease.


What are the 14 clubs in a golf bag?

When playing golf, athletes use a set of 14 golf clubs, which are selected individually. The standard set includes a driver, a 2-wood and 3-wood, a hybrid, various irons, a sand wedge, a pitching wedge, and a putter.

Can two golfers share clubs?

Golf rules don't allow this. Each player should only use their own clubs. These rules apply when participating in tournaments or matches.

Can you carry two drivers in your golf bag?

Yes—you can have whatever types of clubs you want, but no more than 14 total. Golf rules set only the number of golf clubs, not their type.


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